Vegan/Wheat Free Cookies

A soft flakey pie crust texture cookie, full of rich flavor. One bite and you'll never guess a cookie this good has no butter, no soy, no eggs. Sugar free, grain free and gluten free. Which is perfect for alternative diets. Diabetic friendly. All five (5) flavors available only on Wheat Free Wednesday. coming soon !


Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies - Smooth creamy organic roasted peanut butter that is sweetened with golden monk fruit and sucanat , and a hint of salt make these irresistible. Almost melt in your mouth. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Nuts

Item # VPB-WF                                                                                                            $3.00 each

Vegan Walnut Butter Cookies - Rich raw organic walnut butter with chopped walnuts mixed in. Walnut flour to enhance the flavor of the nut. 100% Pure Grade A organic maple syrup, golden monk fruit and sucanat added for a non-earthy smooth finish. Topped with crushed raw walnuts. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Tree nuts

Item # VWB-WF                                                                                                           $3.00 each

Vegan Coconut Butter Cookies - Fresh taste of unrefined low Glycemic fair trade organic coconut palm sugar, from the nectar of coconut blossoms. Smooth whole pureed raw organic coconut butter. Soft chewy center with lightly crisp edges. Topped with unsweetened coconut flakes that have toasted tips. 3 inch Dia.

Contains: Tree nuts

Item # VCB-WF                                                                                                             $3.00 each

Vegan Pistachio Butter Cookies - Pistachio butter and pistachio flour gives a true nut taste with a natural tint of green color and creamy finish. A delicate exotic soft cookie with a slightly crisp edge is intoxicating. Sweetened with organic monk fruit. Topped with coarsely chopped salted dry roasted pistachios. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Tree nuts

Item # VPS-WF                                                                                                            $3.00 each

Vegan Hazelnut Butter Cookies - Thick brown cookie made with Stone ground raw organic hazelnut butter. Fine ground blanched hazelnut flour with premium semi sweet chocolate sauce and chocolate powder add a wonderful rich flavor. Sweetened with golden monk fruit and sucanat. Soft brownie center with a soft crunch to edges. Topped with a whole hazelnut. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Tree nuts

Item # VHB-WF                                                                                                           $3.00 each