Nuttin' Butter Cookies 


 The Cookie Cruiser©: Mobile Bakery Truck



Nuttin' Butter Cookies is a 5-Star rated, mobile Cottage Food Operation, established May 2015 in Berkeley, California. Specializing in high quality nut based scratch made, fresh baked gourmet cookies. We're the go to place to find a cookie that highlights the nut. The only bakery that offers all 12 nuts daily. Yes, i said 12. Peanut, Pecan, Pistachio, Pine nut, Chestnut, Cashew, Coconut, Almond, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Walnut and Brazil nut.

My business was built just like my cookies, from scratch. I have grown my business by reinvesting all profits earned back into the business. I am dedicated to pursuing my dreams of owning a bakery and achieving my goal of having a fully functional mobile bakery truck. The "Cookie Cruiser" which will be complete with tunes, as i cruise down the street. The plan is to be as mobile as a local ice cream truck. Bringing fresh out the oven cookies to neighborhoods through out the Bay Area and traveling to new locations. 

As a mobile business, we cater large corporate offices and i set up an10x10 pop-up display booth at various locations, depending on the time of year. At events and festivals throughout the Bay Area. When there are no events, i am set up in my driveway. I am set up outside in the rain, when its cold and even as late as 8pm at night. I am persistently determined to achieve my goals.

Since 2015, the road has been bumpy along the way, full of hurdles to overcome. From surviving a senseless act of violence that nearly ended my life. To getting a severe case of bursitis in my left shoulder from a flu shot injected improperly into my bursa sac, which left me without the use of my entire left arm for several months, plus months of physical therapy to regain mobility and strength in my arm. To finally getting a brick and mortar storefront just to end up closing down due to Covid-19 pandemic and returning to my original curbside pop up booth. As a single mom of two boys 12 years and 10years, quitting when things get hard is not an option. Everyday my children are why i keep pushing forward, they motivate me to stand firm and never lose focus. The struggle has been overwhelming, but the success i have building my customer base is sweet and worth it. With all the financial set backs, achieving my goals has been difficult. I'm a person who don't like asking for help, even when i really need it. 

With your generosity and contribution to this fundraiser, you can help make my dream finally come true this year. The pictures above are the 3D model i made of my proposed bakery truck, i made for visual display purposes. Check out link below for the full demonstration of the Cookie CruiserMobile bakery truck.

Nuttin' Butter Cookies appreciates you! Thank you in advance for supporting small business.