Humble Beginnings

When I first established Nuttin' Butter Cookies, I had a business plan, product samples with a go getter attitude and was ready to approach my bank to get a small business loan. After being denied and treated like my products were found in the gutter, i felt more determined to pursue my dreams. The no's i kept encountering just fueled my passion. No just meant take longer. So i said self, i will sell in my own driveway and raise every single cent i need to grow my business. I didn't care if i had to be open late nights or out in the rain, i was going to make it happen. I started selling at small local events throughout the Bay Area and in my driveway. Over time with each cookie sell, brought me one step closer to achieving my dream of owning a full bakery. My community watched as my business slowly grew in front of their eyes. To have the endless support and encouraging words i received from my community was the best part. The greatness moment was to see all the happy smiling faces enjoying my cookies. Below are some of the growth process of Nuttin' Butter Cookies outdoor pop up and mobile vending booths over the years leading the way to my indoor pop up shop.